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Rotor Sail Technology

Dealfeng Rotor Sail a modern fully-automatic mechanical Flettner Sail. The product, driven by electrical motor to rotate the cylinder onboard, utilizes the Magnus effect to harness the power of wind to create auxiliary propulsion thrust for propelling the ship forward. It allows the ship lowering main engine power, resulting in fuel saving and GHG emissions reduction.

Rotor Sail System

Dealfeng Rotor Sail is a reliable and easy-to-operate wind-assisted propulsion system that is composed of four parts including Rotor Sail body, foundation & inner tower, multifunctional sensors and central control system. The Rotor Sail is available in different models and foundation types (fixed, tilting and rail), the body is made from lightweight composite material and the inner support is high-tensile steel structure. The optimal size and number of Dealfeng Rotor Sails installed on a ship is determined by the parameters and dimensions of the ship.


Rotor Sail Installation

Dealfeng conduct a case-by-case feasibility study to work out the optimal arrangement scheme by utilizing our technical expertise in shipbuilding and marine industry in combination with the familiar to the fleet, such as general arrangement, sailing schedule and time, navigation route and other necessary information, ensure the installation scheme in accordance with customers' requirements and maximize the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon emission along the route.

Rotor Sail Efficiency

Marine industry is currently facing significant challenges from increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Rotor Sail is a cost-effective, proven technology that can help comply with the targets and regulations of the IMO and the EU for reducing GHG emissions from shipping, also is a more mature technology that currently the most installed on ships when compared to some other wind propulsion technologies and a possible solution to help improve the ship’s energy efficiency and reduce operational carbon intensity.

System Composition
Dealfeng Rotor Sail System is composed of multi-functional sensing sensors, central controller, core control unit, foundation & inner cylinder and composite outer spinners (1-5 parts).
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R&D Background
IMO has taken rotor sail technology into the Energy Efficiency Index and multi-ship installations, and has adopted the resolution MEPC77 international conference to incldue wind assisted propulsion systems in the EEDI calculations.
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Working Principle
Dealfeng Rotor Sail is a system that utilize wind energy to provide auxiliary power to ships through the Magnus effect. The installation of rotor sails can achieve the efficiency of reducing fuel consumption, reducing pollution emissions and optimizing energy utilization.
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Wind Power Maintenance Ship
Offshore Wind Power Maintenance Ship is a special vessel used for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. With increasing demand for wind power, there is an rising need for wind turbine installation vessels, service operation vessels and cable laying vessels...
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Wind Farm Service Operation Vessel
Wind-Assisted Propulsion Rotor Sail Wind Power Catamaran Maintenance Ship developed and manufactured by Dealfeng New Energy is a kind of professional catamaran maintenance ship used for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines.
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Offshore Wind Power Service Vessel
Wind Power Maintenance Ship is the main equipment for operation and maintenance of offshore wind power. From 2016-2021, the compound annual growth rate of market demand of China's wind power operation and maintenance is 14.93%. In 2021, the market demand of China's wind power operation and maintenance is about 338.31GW, and the market size is about 11.447 billion yuan.
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