Wind Power Maintenance Ship

Offshore Wind Power Maintenance Ship is a special vessel used for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. With increasing demand for wind power, there is an rising need for wind turbine installation vessels, service operation vessels and cable laying vessels...
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► Brief Introduction

Service Operation Vessel (SOV) is an important transportation tool for the construction, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farm. At present, most of China's SOVs are mainly refitting leased fishing boat and ferry boat, which is poor for safety, speed, loading and unloading capabilities compared with professional SOVs. According to DNV's calculations, each offshore wind turbine has an average of 40 downtime failures per year, and the total failure rate is about 3%, approx. every 30 offshore wind turbines require one professional operation and maintenance ship. Besides, with the rapid development and construction of offshore wind power, the demand for professional operation and maintenance ships has also increased.



Offshore Wind Power Maintenance Ship is a special vessel used for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. The ship have good motion performance in waves and good comfort during voyages, be able to accurately berth to the foundation of the wind turbine at low speed, preventing large impact to the foundation; can keep continuous contact with the foundation, transporting personnel and equipment to the wind turbine safely. The deck area of the ship should have containers for storing tools, spare parts and other materials or an area for special equipment for wind turbine operation and maintenance, and can be removed. The ship should also have short-term accommodation and living conditions for operation and maintenance personnel, as well as excellent and comfortable night berthing function.



► Main Purposes

The main purpose of offshore wind power maintenance ship is to provide convenient conditions for the operation and maintenance of wind turbines in offshore wind farms, minimizing the time and cost of operation and maintenance; transport and storage of electrical modules and oil, maintenance tools, daily supplies, etc.; transport of engineers, technicians, project worker and inspection personnel, etc.; provide accommodation and rest for staff and emergency aid for the injured; emergency rescue for wind farm fire, etc.


► Catamaran Ship

At present, the widely applicable of China offshore wind power maintenance ship is professional catamaran maintenance ships, characterized by safety, applicability, economy, and good stability to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel onboard the wind turbines. The catamaran ship has a large deck space, spacious layout, good stability, shallow draft and high speed, which can withstand large wind and waves, ensures the safety of personnel during sea operations. At the same time, the catamaran ship has good maneuverability, easy to operate and maintain. Such a hull form can ensure a small range of movement even when the ship is stationary or sailing at sea.

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