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Dealfeng Rotor Sail System is composed of multi-functional sensing sensors, central controller, core control unit, foundation & inner cylinder and composite outer spinners (1-5 parts).
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Rotor Sails
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✦ System Composition

DEALFENG rotor sails have five regular sizes to available, such as 15m x 1.8m, 18m x 3m, 24m x 4m, 30m x 5m and 35m x 5m, the height of rotor sails also can be tailored according to the specific ship type. The composition of DEALFENG rotor sail system is divided into five parts below: ①multifunctional sensor ②bridge control panel ③power & control devices ④foundation and inner cylinder ⑤composite rotor.



Rotor Sail (Flettner Rotors) is modern mechanical sail that harness wind power to create additional thrust force for ships, which allows the ship to maintain speed but cut down the power to its main engine, causing less fuel consumption and fewer emissions entering our atmosphere.


With EEXI and CII coming into force today, and the regulations becoming mandatory in January 2023, Rotor Sails are a clean solution to managing carbon intensity and energy efficiency - reducing emissions by 5-20%. Dealfeng company is able to work out a scheme design for the optimal type selection and arrangement of rotor sails in accordance with the target ship's tonnage, speed and operating characteristics.


✦ Rotor Sail Efficiency

Wind power is a safe, sustainable way to propel modern ships. Rotor sails enhance ship energy efficiency such as EEDI, EEXI and carbon intensity like CII while reducing fuel consumption, bunker costs and harmful emissions. Compared to other wind propulsion technologies in the market, rotor sails offer a much greater thrust force to propel the ship per square meter of sail area.


Below figure is a example for the comparison of the thrust generated by the installation of 3 (three) 30m x 5m Rotor Sails with the thrust of the main engine at ship speed of 19 knots for 174,000 CBM class LNG carrier. M/E propulsion is the equivalent thrust by main engine at NCR with 20% S.M. and the ship speed is 19 knots. 

Simulation results - annual fuel savings and CO2 reduction with Rotor Sails:  

-- Estimated annual time at sea is 292 days (80%)

-- Estimated propulsion diesel engine's SFOC: 156 g/kWh

-- Average Net Savings: 1340.6 kW

-- Average Net Saving: 8.2%

-- Annual Fuel Savings on Specific Route: 1026 tons

-- Annual CO2 Reduction on Specific Route: 3077.9 tons

-- Route: Calcascieu Pass (US) - Swinoujscie II (Poland) - Loaded - 19kts - draft 11.5m (design draft).


The fuel savings potential depends on ship speed, rotor speed, wind speed and direction conditions along the route and other factors. Precise predictions are made by route simulations for a specific ship.   


✦ Advantages of DEALFENG Rotor Sails



✦ Warranty and Service Support

Warranty of DEALFENG rotor sail is subject to after rotor sails passed the acceptance or after rotor sails delivered from factory, whichever comes first. At the same time, Dealfeng company also provide paid alternative remote service support, including:

• software update

• Data analysis

• Remote monitoring with monthly report

• Remote expert support for possible troubleshooting and corrective maintenance work.


✦ Business Mode

Here are multiple commercial modes for customers to available. Welcome your enquiry.

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