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Yet the actual vessel equipped with Dealfeng® Rotor Sail is born!

2023-11-20 16:34

Dealfeng New Energy Technology and Haiyue have announced a partnership to build a 5,000-ton class product oil tanker equipped with Dealfeng Rotor Sail in Oct. 2022, at present, the installation of one set 4m (diameter) x 16m (height) rotor sail produced by Dealfeng New Energy on the vessel is completed in November 20, 2023, and will be sailing at sea in early 2024. The delivery time of the rotor sail only took 3 months after the related drawings approved by the Class.




The Dealfeng Rotor Sail made of lightweight and strong composite material and with a fully automatic Dealfeng control system, generates forward thrust as the wind causes pressure difference around the rotating rotor while the vessel is sailing. By using this technology, the vessel is expected to achieve about 8% fuel and GHG emissions reductions, resulting in offering the possibility of lowering the power and the energy consumption of the ship's main engine when wind conditions are favorable, saving fuel and maintaining speed and travel time. The application of Dealfeng Rotor Sail technology enables significant advancements of China's fleet towards national decarbonisation goals.


Besides, Dealfeng has signed a retrofitting contract with Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC) to install two (2) sets 18m x 4m Dealfeng rotor sails on 25,000 DWT deck carrier classed in CCS. Dealfeng is the general contractor for this retrofitting project, and the vessel expected to achieve fuel savings about 10% will be completely delivered on December 20, 2023.




Dealfeng will continue to work towards both the energy saving innovative technology and the reduction of GHG emissions, helping domestic and international ocean vessels better meet the energy-saving and emission-reducing policy requirements of EEDI, EEXI, CII, EU ETS, etc., also facilitate the maritime industry to early reach carbon peaking &carbon neutrality, achieve green & sustainable development.




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