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Successful Conversation with the Leaders from Hangu Administrative District

2023-05-16 13:46

In the afternoon of 16th May, 2023, the director Zhixing Bian, the associate director Zhongwei Li and the other leaders of Hangu Management District,Tangshan City, Hebei Province visited Dealfeng New Energy Technology Ltd to make the exchange of views and discussions on the development of new clean green energy technology. Dealfeng’s Vice Manager, Mr. Wang Yong, introduced the company's development history, production scale and safety hardware configuration to the leaders. At the same time, the two parties had in-depth exchanges on supporting enterprise development, increasing local economy and attracting investment.




Dealfeng New Energy Technology Ltd. is a clean-tech company integrating R&D and manufacturing of marine energy conservation and emission reduction equipment. At present, Dealfeng has developed two main product lines of Dealfeng® Rotor Sail System and Dealfeng® Stream ALS. Lloyd's Register, ClassNK and CCS have granted the AiP certfiicate for Dealfeng Dealfeng® Rotor Sail System. Currently, Dealfeng is able to manufacture and install Rotor sails in diameter of 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m and in height of 8m-35m, and Dealfeng®Stream ALS has also been approved by CCS. Both Dealfeng products, as the innovative energy-saving devices included in IMO to improve the related indicators of EEDI/EEXI/CII, have passed ISO9001 quality system certification. The two energy efficient technologies above can be applied alone or together, achieving reducing 5%-30% of yearly fuel consumption and carbon emission.




During the visit, the leaders gave a high appraisal to Dealfeng's work, also attached great attention to Tangshan and Hangu Management District's future support policies for technology-based green energy enterprises in the conversation. The leaders, finally, put forward valuable opinions and constructive suggestions for Dealfeng's development and future planning. At the same time, some relevant policies such as high-end equipment manufacturing, green energy and emerging industry development were read and explained.




In this exchange meeting, Dealfeng listened carefully to the valuable viewpoints from the leaders, and expressed our opinions in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The leader's visit and guidance is not only the high recognition of Dealfeng's clean energy technology work that integrates the R&D and manufacturing of the ship's energy-saving and carbon-reduction system, but also brings Dealfeng impressive encouragement and motivation! Dealfeng will continue to reform and innovate in the clean energy technology - marine energy saving and carbon reduction systems, constantly improve our working environment, and join hands with industry partners to create green and environmentally friendly superior products!



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