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The Chief of CCS Tianjin Branch Came to Dealfeng for Work Guidance

2023-02-17 11:45

At the beginning of new year, everything is full of vigour and vitality, so does Dealfeng company. Dealfeng New Energy Technology, an innovative energy efficient technology enterprise, welcome the professional third party - the leaders of Tianjin Branch of China Classification Society (CCS) to Dealfeng for work guidance.


At the morning of February 2nd, the division chief Mr. Zhao Tianyi, senior engineer Mr. Wang Donghe and engineer Mr. Qiang Zhaofeng of CCS Tianjin Branch came to Dealfeng to introduce the new guideline of marine wind-rotor assisted propulsion system, and had a in-depth guidance on product approval and inspection work of Dealfeng rotor sail auxiliary propulsion system.




The division chief Mr. Zhao Tianyi and the senior engineer Mr. Wang Donghe put forward positive guidance on the work difficulties faced by Dealfeng New Energy Technology in type approval and inspection process of wind rotor assisted propulsion system and the aspects that Dealfeng company needs to improve. Dealfeng benefited a lot from the guideline introduction and the technical exchange meeting.


The "Guidelines for Survey of Marine Wind-Rotor Assisted Propulsion System" of CCS has come into effect in February 1st, 2023, which provide comprehensive technical support for the design, production, inspection and EEDI/EEXI calculation of newbuilds or refitted ships that are classified by China Classification Society.




The installation of Dealfeng rotor sail on a 5000 DWT product oil tanker will be the first type-approved rotor sail system approved by CCS. The division chief Mr. Zhao Tianyi said the CCS will provide the strong support and comprehensive guidance on the project.




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