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CCS Releases Guidelines for Survey of Marine Wind-Rotor Assisted Propulsion System

2023-01-16 17:00

The leading Classification Society CCS has released its Guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion System Survey for Ships. China Classification Society, mentioned as CCS, is one of the most well-known founding members of the International Association of Classification Societies (ICAS) in the world, provides world-leading technical codes and standards and offers classification survey services for ships, offshore installations and related industrial products. The class society also provides statutory survey, verification surveys, notarial surveys, certification and accreditation and other services in accordance with international conventions, regulations and related rules of the authorizing flag states or regions.


By sticking to the Policy of“Building first-class international classification society with own characteristics and with technology as the foundation and credibility as the cornerstone”, CCS has improved its image and value continuously through advanced technologies and quality services, and it is widely and highly recognized by the international industry.




Environmental regulations continue to tighten, and as the IMO has announced its goal to completely eliminate GHG emissions this century, technology using wind power for auxiliary propulsion is attracting attention as one of the underlying technologies for accomplishing this. Wind assisted propulsion rotor technology is a wind energy utilization technology that human beings use the Magnus effect to drive ships forward. In order to make ships meet the increasingly stringent energy efficiency requirements, more and more ships need to apply this technology as auxiliary power, but still lacks mature experience in shipping industry. On one hand, the application of wind assisted propulsion rotor technology lacks the support of norms and standards; on the other hand, in order to generate sufficient thrust, the wind assisted rotor system, in addition to the technical problems faced by its own structural strength and driving devices, will also affect the ship's structure, layout and other original conventional designs, and there are certain technical and operational risks.


In light of the situation, CCS has developed its Guidelines for Wind-Assisted Propulsion System for Ships. Starting from safety and reliability, this guideline specifies the design, manufacture, test/inspection and operation of ships using wind rotor sail as auxiliary propulsion, aiming to provide guidance for ship design, construction, inspection/test and operation.


The guideline is divided into 6 parts, including:


Chapter 1: General Rules

It clarifies the purpose and the application scope of the guidelines, gives relevant definitions, drawings list submitted for approval, and stipulates the class notations that can be granted and their corresponding meanings.


Chapter 2: Ship Design

According to the characteristics of wind assisted rotor ships, it specifies the regulations on ship's layout, design, strength assessment, stability, noise, electrical installations, etc.


Chapter 3: Rotor Construction

It specifies the material, anti-corrosion, design load, calculation conditions and the calculation requirements for the yield strength, vibration and fatigue strength of the rotor and inner tower structure.


Chapter 4: System Design

It clarifies the specific requirements for the drive, safety measures, monitoring, alarm and control systems of the installation of wind assisted propulsion rotor sail system.


Chapter 5: Inspection

It clarifies the specific content of inspection during construction and after construction, the inspection of spare parts and the requirement of certification.


Chapter 6: EEDI/EEXI Calculation and Verification

It specifies the EEDI/EEXI calculation and verification methods for wind assisted propulsion rotor ships.


"Guidelines for Marine Wind Assisted Propulsion System Survey for Ships" will come into effect on February 1, 2023. The final version is subject to the official publication of Classification Society CCS.



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