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DEALFENG Rotor Sail System was approved in AIP certificate by ClassNK

2022-12-29 11:06

Recently, DEALFENG Rotor Sail System, the cutting-edge product of Dealfeng New Energy Technology Ltd., has obtained the relevant AIP certification from NK Classification Society. The installation of DEALFENG rotor sail system on new ships and old ships can effectively improve the energy efficiency of ships such as EEDI/EEXI indicators and meet the carbon reduction requirements such as CII, and bring a higher return on equipment investment to shipowners through fuel saving and carbon reduction. Dealfeng got the qualification certificate from ClassNK in December 2022.



ClassNK, originated from the Teikoku Kaiji Kyokai (the Imperial Marine Association) founded in Tokyo in November 1899, was established to promote the regulation and development of the shipping and shipbuilding industries in Japan. The society was founded to promote a wide range of shipping-related activities, very different from the focused technical role that ClassNK plays today.


Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, mentioned as NK, commonly known as ClassNK, is one of the most well-known founding members of the International Association of Classification Societies (ICAS) in the world. ClassNK is a technically oriented, private foundation. Its principal mission of ship classification serving the public interest, ClassNK is a non-profit foundation, in other words, it is recognized as a general incorporated foundation (Ippan Zaidan Houjin) in accordance with applicable Japanese law. ClassNK is actively engaged in a growing range of ship related activities and services aimed at contributing to promoting the protection of human life and property at sea as well as protection of the marine environment. The Head Office is located in Tokyo and in Chiba, Japan, and there are branch offices at the major Japanese and overseas cities throughout the world. 


Dealfeng New Energy is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of marine energy conservation and emission reduction, and is committed to the research, development and production of marine energy-saving equipment. At present, Dealfeng has owned more than 40 patents for rotor sails with independent intellectual property rights, and has the ability to produce 24m x 4m and 30m x 5m rotor sails, which are suitable for ships 10,000 tons above. "Wind Rotor Navigation System' is an wind auxiliary propulsion system that utilizes the Magnus effect to provide ships with green wind energy, high technology Readiness Level, small change to ship's refitting. Dealfeng rotor sail system helps to increase the energy efficiency of the ship and achieve carbon neutrality in shipping industry. Besides, it fills the blank of similar domestic products and has a very bright market." Mr. Li Zhi, general manager of Dealfeng New Energy, said.




Through the calculations of the professional third-party institute, it can be concluded that an 82,000-ton bulk carrier equipped with 4 sets 24m x 4m rotor sails can reach 787.4 tons of annual fuel saving and reduce 2,766 tons of carbon emissions at the same time. According to the China current oil price, the return on investment of DEALFENG rotor sail system (24m x 4m) is 40%-50% per year.


In international trade, sea transportation is popular due to its obvious advantages such as low cost and large volume. However, the carbon dioxide emissions caused by sea transportation affect the global climate. In such background, the use of wind energy resources for offshore energy saving and emission reduction has attracted increasing attention. It is reported that Dealfeng New Energy began to deeply study the field of rotor sails in 2019, and successfully passed the AiP certification of Lloyd's Register of Shipping in 2021 and ClassNK in 2022, becoming the first independent independent innovation enterprise in China to obtain the International certificate of rotor sail . Today, Dealfeng has signed cooperation agreements with shipyards under China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, Tianjin Heavy Steel Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Changhong International Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., China Ruhai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and has reached cooperation intentions with shipowners such as Maersk, Cargill, BW Group, etc..


"We will continue to expand the production scale, and plan to set up a rotor sail production and manufacturing base in Lingang area, Free Trade Zone, Tianjin, so as to drive the common development of related ship supporting enterprises and ship new building and refitting projects in the surrounding area."Mr. Li Zhi said, “ Dalfeng New Energy will also enter/explore the development and manufacturing of various ship energy-saving and carbon-reducing equipment such as Wingsail and ship atmosphere drag reduction, committed to build an industry base for ship energy-saving and emission-reduction equipment in Tianjin, helping the shipping industry to realize the "carbon peak & carbon neutrality " goal as soon as possible.


As the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic gradually recedes, economic recovery in various industries will gradually take shape in 2023. As a marine shipping industry, we will usher in a brilliant future. As the beginning of new year,DEALFENG rotor sails will start a new trip. Our aim is to serve the ocean and become a pillar of the construction of China. Open up a new chapter for the optimization of the global environment and the establishment of green ships as well as the direction of energy saving and emission reduction.



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