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Green Shiptech China Congress 2022 successfully held in Shanghai

2022-11-21 11:01


With the further control of the epidemic, the 11th Green Shiptech China Congress 2022 that we expect arrived as scheduled, a large-scale international maritime annual conference, hosted Ridge Consulting (Shanghai), was successfully held in Shanghai from November 17th- 18th, 2022. In the past ten Green Shiptech China Congresses (GSCC 2012, GSCC 2013, GSCC 2014, GSCC 2015, GSCC 2016, GSCC 2017, GSCC 2018, GSCC 2019, GSCC 2020 and GSCC 2021), over 3,200 experts and decision makers from governments, classification societies, shipowners, shipyards, research institutes, technology and equipment suppliers and consulting companies have gathered to conduct in-depth discussion and communication on the current issues of IMO, European Commission, the U.S. Coast Guard and China MSA's policies and regulations, designs and standards for new ship models, innovative and sustainable green ship technologies through this international platform of annual Green Shiptech China Congress.


In year 2022, with the support of BIMCO, ICS,IMarEST, EGCSA,IWSA, SEA-LNG, ZESTAs and related governments/organizations, over 300 industry experts, corporate decision makers and government officials will be engaged in in-depth exchange of views and discussions on the issues and topics that we concern by virtue of the international platform of Green Shiptech China Congress 2022. Such as 

• Policies and Regulations Update and Interpretate

• Hydrogen-Carbon Value Chain-Key to Net Zero Emission for Shipping

• Development of Marine Energy Transition and Clean Energy Supply System

• Fuel Transition in Shipping with Safety and Design Impacts

• Diversified Paths to Accelerate Shipping Decarbonization Future

• Regal Rexnord Boosting the Green Ship Application

• Get Ready to Meet CII, a New Sustainable Regulation Via EcoMATETM

• Collect Exhaust Gas and Capture CO₂ From Ships to Comply with Conventions

• Shipping Catches a Strong Tailwind: Decarbonisation & the Decade of Wind Propulsion

• Low-carbon Ship Design Driven by GHG Emission Reduction Strategy

• LNG As a Future-Proof Marine Fuel

• Solutions for a More Sustainable Maritime Industry

• Wärtsilä Decarbonisation Solutions for Marine Industry

• Promoting Green Ship Development-Marine Carbon Capture and Storage Technology

• The State of the Art of True Zero Emissions Technologies

• Recent Progress of the Ballast Water Management Convention and Prospect of Ship Biofouling Management



In the first half of 2022, China's marine economy has shown good resilience against downward pressure. All coastal areas actively unblocked the port collection and distribution system, and eased the cargo pressure on ports through land-to-water and river-sea combined transportation to ensure smooth transportation and stable supply chains. Seaborne trade showed a positive development trend, and the total import and export volume increased by 18.2% year-on-year. At present, more than 2/3 of the world's international trade volume relies on maritime transportation, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally in early 2020, the revitalization of ports, the prosperity of shipping, seaward ocean ports and shipping industry have played an important role in the global fight against the epidemic, the promotion of trade recovery, and the stability of the industrial and supply chains. China is the world's first major shipbuilding country and one of the most important shipping countries in the world, about 90% of its import and export cargo volume is transported by sea. The ocean cargo handling capacity, port cargo throughput and container throughput all rank first in the world. Therefore, the transformation of ship green energy has become an important issue that needs to be solved urgently.



Dealfeng New Energy Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., as a star enterprise of green energy ship auxiliary system in the industry, participated in this conference, and exchanged and shared products as a cutting-edge product of green energy at the conference. Dealfeng has a complete set of patents related to rotor sail products, also has a complete process of combining theory with practice from the energy-saving principle of the product to the realization of each structure. After several years of unremitting efforts, Dealfeng has become very mature in the research and development of rotor sails. At the Green Shiptech China Congress 2022, it is bound to be a green "whirlwind" of energy saving and emission reduction in the field of ship auxiliary systems.



The rise of the great powers must develop the sea, the prosperity of ocean shipping must strengthen the shipbuilding, and the progess of ship must master technology & science. The "driving force" of Green Shiptech China Congress 200 will boost the global ocean ports and the shipping industry to connect land and sea smoothly, and Dealfneg New Energy Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is willing to make our outstanding contribution to improve the green marine industry chain, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese marine vessels and serve the construction of a strong marine country.




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