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Dealfeng Rotor Sail System won the first prize in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

2022-10-28 15:58

At present, with the successful closing of Tianjin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Tianjin Division) on August 21, 2022, Dealfeng New Energy Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd successfully stood out and won the first prize of Growth Enterprise with "Wind-Assisted Ship Propulsion Rotor Sail System" from 810 enterprise projects, and will represent Tianjin in the national competition of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.



Dealfeng New Energy is a China high-tech enterprise that focus on developing and manufacturing marine energy saving and emission reducing equipment. At present, Dealfeng New Energy, who has more than forty patents with independent intellectual property rights for rotor sails, is equipped with production capacity of 24m x 4m and 30m x 5m rotor sail that suitable for over 10,000 tons vessels. The rotor sail navaid is a kind of wind auxiliary propulsion system that uses Magnus Effect to provide green wind energy for ships, with high technical maturity and small ship reconstruction space. It can improve the ship’s energy efficiency indexes and help the shipping industry achieve carbon neutrality, also effectively fill the gap of similar products in China and have broad market prospects.


In international trade, maritime transportation is popular because of the significant advantages such as low cost and large capacity, however, CO2 emissions from maritime transport has a great impact on the global climate. In such rigorous background, using wind energy resources for offshore energy conservation and emission reduction has attracted increasing attention to research institutes, scholars, entrepreneur, ship owners, etc. Dealfeng New Energy started to the research and development of rotor sail in 2019, and has obtained LR AIP certification in 2021,  becoming the first independent and innovative enterprise in China to obtain the international certification for rotor sail. Nowadays, Dealfeng New Energy has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with XGSIC, SHGSIC, TZME, Zhoushan Changhong International and so on, which is beneficial of us to provide our customers with turnkey services of design, reconstruction and installation on rotor sail projects. Dealfeng New Energy also achieved initial cooperation intention with shipowners, like Maersk, Cargill, BW Group, etc.


"We will further expand our production scale, planning to set up rotor sail production and manufacturing base at Lingang area, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. It will drive the mutual development of surrounding related ship supporting enterprise, ship newbuilding and retrofitting projects." Mr. Li Zhi said. Dealfeng New Energy will also enter the R&D field of various ship energy-saving and carbon-reduction technologies such as Wingsails, ship resistance reduction by bubbly layer (marine air layer energy saving system) and is delicated to building an industrial base for marine energy-saving and emission-reducing equipment in Tianjin, helping the shipping industry speed up the achievement of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" target.



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