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DEALFENG successfully completed 24M*4M Flettner Rotor on shore. 

2021-12-02 15:36

Recently, DEALFENG successfully completed 24M*4M Flettner Rotor on shore. This heralds a major breakthrough in DEALFENG Flettner Rotor technology, and also represents a large step forward in wind-assisted technology for China WAP industry.



Upon recognizing the potential of wind-assisted propulsion technology on energy savings, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has included its effect in the EEDI of MEPC.1/Circ 815. The wind-assisted technology can reduce main engine power requirement and provide auxiliary power to the ship, which achieve energy and carbon savings. Flettner rotor has a higher utilization rate of wind energy and a greater thrust with extremely low energy consumption. By installing Dealfeng Flettner Rotor, can achieve a 5%-20% reduction in fuel consumption.


DEALFENG has specialized in R&D and manufacturing of marine energy-saving equipment for vessels for many years, and DEALFENG Flettner rotor has been approved Lloyd's Register AIP certification.


Currently, Dealfeng is actively seeking partners for a Joint Development Project(JDP) for installation and testing of the 24 M*4M Flettner rotor on the vessel. DEALFENG is willing to make any effort for a better world.




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