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Dealfeng New Energy Technology Ltd. is a Chinese technology-based company integrating R&D and manufacturing of marine Wind Asissted Propulsion Systems (WAPS). Dealfeng's technical backbone is mainly composed of a team of engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the maritime industry, who can design the reasonable energy-saving and carbon-reducing solutions for new-build and retrofitted ships according to different ship types. Through the mode of "industry, academia and research", Dealfeng independently developed WAPS - Rotor Sail has been approved by AiP certifications from LR, NK and CCS, also Type Approval Certification from CCS. Dealfeng Rotor Sail can help the ocean-going merchant vessels better meet the energy-saving and carbon-reducing policies requirements of EEDI, EEXI, CII, EU ETS, etc., which is not only beneficial to the shipping industry reach carbon neutrality and carbon peak, but also facilitates achieving green and sustainable development.

Dealfeng New Energy has successfully completed the prototype fabrication and on land test of  24m x 4m Rotor Sail. Besides, Dealfeng has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with TZME to jointly carry out the production, installation and promotion of rotor sail projects. Relying on the manufacturing capacity of mega machinery and the factory model of front-plant & back-port, Dealfeng can provide rotor sail one-stop services for customer on design, renovation and installation in new-build and existing vessels.





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